How to Report a Bug
There is a large number of PHP users. There is a much small number of people who actually develop the PHP language and extensions. There is an even smaller number of people who actively fix bugs reported by users.
What does this mean for you, an aspiring bug reporter? In order to catch the eye of one of these few stalwart volunteers, you’ll need to take to heart a few tips on how to report a bug so that they can and will help you.
Take special note of that word in bold above. The people who are going to help you with a bug you report are volunteers. Not only are you not paying them to help you, but nobody else is either. So, to paraphrase the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “be excellent to them”.
Beyond that golden rule, what follows are some additional tips on ways to make your bug report better so that someone will be able to help you.


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