E-commerce company in dubai

E-Commerce (Online Shopping) means Electronic Commerce. In simple terms e-commerce means business done by using internet as a medium of conducting a sale. In a conventional set up, if you wanted to sell goods and providers, you would set up a physical shop or retail store where you’d expect your customers to walk in, browse through the items, make a decision to purchase the products that you were selling and purchase them right at your store.
However, with the penetration of internet and insufficient time we have, some genius individuals thought to convert the whole sales cycle into online shopping i. e. on the web, which eliminates the whole cycle of you dressing up, taking your preferred mode of transport and going to your favorite retail store and purchasing an item.
With internet, you are able to purchase the majority of the goods and services that you require right at the comfort of your house or office and nowadays from your phone. E-commerce has enabled us to possess a lot of free time on our hand which we could spend with this friends and families.


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