web designing company

If you’re a web designer and you’re scared about websites like Wix and 1and1.com, don’t be. They’re not going to put you out of business. However, they may force you to evolve and change; and the worst thing you can do is fight change. Lorewing web design sites love marketing to consumers and businesses, telling them that they can build their own website and consumers will magically come. That’s crap and totally misleading. If you build it, consumers won’t come. Sure, you can build your own website. You could probably build your own furniture and design your clothes as well. But you wouldn’t because your furniture and clothes would suck. Our clients will never learn the basic principles of web design and marketing like the laws of visual hierarchy, Occam’s Razor, negative space, form follows function, the laws of proximity. Our clients are lawyers, real estate agents, restaurant owners, bloggers, sales clerks, bar owners, car salesmen, and more. We are web designs, but first we are marketers! (In my Braveheart voice).


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