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Build Your Own Site .com’s

One of my favorite bloggers, Peep Laja at ConversionXL.com, once said, “Don’t design your own website. No, really. It will suck”. He also said, “If you build your own site, it will be ugly and it will hurt your business. You will lose money. Every day will be a wasted opportunity.” That was so refreshing to read because it’s so true.
Web designers should use websites like Wix and 1and1.com to work smarter by removing the headaches of custom web design. These sites will also give you more competitive pricing and ultimately make you more profitable.
The Exception to this Rule
Every rule has its exceptions, so before you start yelling at me, here’s this exception. Of course, there are still a few reasons to custom design a website, but not very many. I don’t expect websites like Amazon, Facebook, Bing and other big brands to start picking out themes or templates…yet. Much of what I said above applies to small-medium sized business and most big corporations, who happen to make up 85% of the business in the United States of America.
Custom web design is dying. In many agencies, custom web design is already dead. This leaves you two choices. You can either fight change, or adapt and evolve. If you are still offering custom web design in the next two years, you will slowly but surely find yourself with fewer clients and more of the same headaches I left behind years ago.


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