mobile application development

Mobile applications account for more than 5% of the overall marketing budgets of consumer-based companies in the Gulf, said Shadi Hasan, managing director of Flagship Projects, a Dubai-based hi-tech mobile and web applications provider.

The figure shows a significant development for the mobile applications development that is just a few years old in the Gulf.

Speaking at the recently concluded Click 5.0 digital marketing conference, Hasan said that the , design company in uae is becoming a global player in mobile apps industry, thanks to its openness to the rest of the world economically and technologically. “We get new technologies in real-time, as they are launched in the US, Europe and other mobile application developer from another countries. Global ICT vendors have started looking at us as a very important market. This is because of the close cooperation between the government and private sectors in developing this industry in the UAE,” he added.

However, Hasan said that the advancement in mobile apps is still not fully exploited in the Arab region, and there is the need to address the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR) to create a secure environment for mobile phone apps developers to work and compete globally.

He also said that the digital gap between Arabic and English content should be bridged by bringing in more Arabic content into mobile apps usage.

Currently, Flagship is said to cover 30% of the professional mobile applications market in the UAE


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