Unions fear 200 job losses amid latest wave of BBC savings drive

The corporation will be pressed to give guarantees of no compulsory redundancies in the latest round of cuts.

The corporation has previously announced plans to cut 1,000 posts, with around 300 already gone or being consulted on.

Officials said it was too early to say how many further jobs will be lost as part of the additional savings measures announced today.

Of the £150 million, around £50 million will be saved by creating a “simpler, leaner” BBC, with fewer divisions and senior managers and fewer layers between the top and bottom of the organisation.

Another £35 million will be saved from BBC TV’s sports rights budget, leading to the loss of some existing rights and events.

A further £12 million in savings will come from the BBC’s TV budget.

Drama will be protected, but there will be reductions to factual, comedy and entertainment, although savings from The Voice will be used to develop new, home-grown formats.

The BBC also announced that £12 million will be cut from BBC Online, and £5 million from news, including efficiency savings from a review of working practices, terms and conditions, and commercial income or cost reductions in BBC Monitoring, subject to approval from the BBC Trust.


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