BBC reporter Graham Satchell breaks down during Paris broadcast

BBC news reporter Graham Satchell broke down on camera while broadcasting live from the streets of Paris.

Satchell was in Paris to cover the aftermath of the deadly attacks that claimed 129 lives and injured hundreds of others. In what was supposed to be a routine-standup for the veteran reporter, Satchell explained to viewers the mixed sense of tragedy and hope that has overtaken the city.

It’s that word — hope — that chokes him up. Although he tries hard to maintain a crisp and professional demeanor, Satchell becomes visibly flustered and his voice cracks while talking about the hope the city feels.

Turning pink, Satchell walks off screen and apologizes. Although he appeared embarrassed at this break in professional objectivity, people across the world have responded warmly to this totally human display of emotion.

“Thank you so much for all the kind tweets. Humbled by Parisienne response in last few days. It was just a moment – slightly mortified,” Satchell later wrote on Twitter.


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